Our courses are practical in nature because we believe there’s no better way to learn about film-making than doing it.

We run filmmaking courses from the following venue(s):

BHASVIC Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College, Brighton, East Sussex.

We offer the following courses:

One Day Introduction To Film-making

5 Day Film Course

Visual Effects with Adobe After Effects (

Scriptwriting Workshop

Green Screen Introduction

Make A Music Video

Frequently asked questions

I'm just starting out in filmmaking, what course is best for me?

The one day introductory course is an excellent starting point. If you have some experience and feel ready to take the plunge you can dive right into the 5 day course.

I want to start making films now, what should I do?

For those who want to launch into the world of film-making our 5 day course is an excellent way to go. We have a premiere at the end of the course with friends and family welcome. Many students have gone from this course to.

I've done the 5 days film course what should I do now?

You can join one of our film-making clubs. You may also want to take a specialist course in scriptwriting, visual FX, or music video production.